Invaluable Services

April 4, 2024

EMS has been an invaluable partner for our practice. Their dedication to accuracy and efficiency in handling our medical billing needs has significantly improved our revenue cycle management. Their knowledgeable staff ensures that claims are processed promptly and accurately, resulting in faster reimbursements and increased cash flow for our practice. Their commitment to excellence and personalized service sets them apart in the industry. I highly recommend EMS to any healthcare provider seeking reliable and exceptional medical billing services.

Travis Andrews

Phenomenal Services

April 4, 2024

I can’t thank the team at EMS Billing and Coding for their outstanding Medical Billing and Credentialing Services! Their seamless handling of our billing and credentialing needs has been nothing short of exceptional. From ensuring accurate and timely submissions to maximizing reimbursements, they’ve truly elevated our practice’s efficiency and financial health. Their expertise and attention to detail have given us peace of mind, allowing us to focus on providing top-notch patient care. I highly recommend EMS Billing and Coding to any healthcare provider looking for reliable and professional billing and credentialing services.

Cheryl Andrews

Great Service

April 3, 2024

Working with E.M.S. has been a true time saver for my private practice. As a one woman show, having Stephanie to handle things with insurance and billing keeps my office running smoothly. Stephanie helped me get in network with different insurance providers, handles denied claims, and verifies the insurance of new patients. Before I hired Stephanie, I spent way too many days frustrated with shuffling through applications, waiting on hold, getting disconnected, etc. Now, Stephanie handles these matters, which allows me time to focus on my patients. Thank you Stephanie for always being there with your timely and accurate answers!

Dr. Kelli

Health plan for my family

April 2, 2024

EMS Billing & Coding Services of the Carolina’s, LLC Insurance Verification specialist assisted myself and my husband with understanding our health insurance plan for the 2024 year, EMS specialist helped give us a clear understanding of our plan and broke down how the deductible, co-ins worked and even let us know certain healthcare procedures that will need a pre certification, I would recommend any individual to reach out to EMS to understand their health plan better!!!

Barbara S Outing

Always There

November 14, 2023

Hiring Stephanie has been one of the best decisions for my private practice. Running a practice requires consistent multitasking. One of the most time consuming and frustrating tasks was getting in-network with insurance providers and tracking down unpaid claims. Stephanie is passionate about insurance and billing and navigates the different aspects of each with a level of expertise I had no time to master. Working with Stephanie lifted a weight off my shoulders that freed up valuable time and put money in my account after she helped resolve the denied claims. Stephanie answers every email and makes time to call and explain what I don’t understand. I appreciate her professionalism and patience. I recommend Stephanie to fellow private practice owners often!


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