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Running a medical practice of any kind is a complex and time-consuming task, full of responsibility for everything from patient care to staff well-being. At The EMS Billing & Coding Services Of The Carolinas LLC, we offer medical practitioners a wide range of healthcare billing services that remove many headaches and lessen their administrative load.

Our experienced medical billing experts help medical clinics and institutions of all sizes and types keep track of their patients’ insurance information, diagnoses, insurance payment claims, and more.

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Your Trusted Health Care Billing and Coding Expert

The medical billing process is complicated—to say the least. With urgent patient needs, an often-delayed insurance claim approval process, and a need for medical practices to have an influx of third-party payments, medical billing systems need to manage multiple inputs and urgent demands simultaneously. A lot can go wrong if codes are confused or amounts are incorrectly inputted.

At The EMS Billing & Coding Services Of The Carolinas LLC, we’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ve gotten very good at handling complex paperwork that needs to be completed flawlessly. We maintain order and accuracy as we process, verify, file, and follow up on our client’s payment paperwork. We rigorously quality-check our processes and verify that everything is accurate for a smooth billing cycle.

State-of-the-Art Medical Billing Software and Processes

Your medical practice is constantly innovating to offer your patients the best possible care. At The EMS Billing & Coding Services Of The Carolinas LLC, we’re no different—our team continually seeks to improve and elevate our processes to provide our clients with the best possible billing procedures.

We strategically eliminate redundancies and possibilities for inaccuracy or human error by implementing cutting-edge software that incorporates automated systems and time-saving features. That being said, we’re also dedicated to doing things in a way you’re comfortable with, so we’ll work with your existing systems if you’re more comfortable doing things in your own way.

Avoid Long Delays in Your Medical Billing Cycle

Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to work with when processing claims and receiving payouts. Medical practices can often face debilitating hold-ups in obtaining reimbursement for services rendered. That’s why they rely on accurately filed claims and timely follow-ups throughout the weeks or months the insurance company takes to decide on a claim’s outcome.

With our team performing your medical billing services, you can expect:

  • Timely and accurate paperwork
  • Friendly and helpful experts
  • Assistance negotiating insurance payouts
  • Streamlined processes that cut down on in-house work
  • Affordable billing services that result in lower overheads
  • …and more

Our team is practiced at communicating with insurance companies and diligently pursues every avenue to achieve total compensation to avoid our clients settling for partial reimbursement. Rely on us to be at your side as we negotiate to get you the best possible payout.

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