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The EMS Billing & Coding Services Of The Carolinas LLC is the team to call for all your healthcare billing needs. We are an experienced team of medical billing professionals here to help you submit your medical claims however we can. Get in touch with us today to take advantage of our expertise.

You can reach us at (980) 221-1213 to get started.

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Experienced in Medical Billing Services

As with any other professional service you seek out, choosing an expert for your medical billing needs is a great idea. We work swiftly and thoroughly and always put our customers' needs first. In other words, when we're working on your claim, it will receive our undivided attention.

We know how to communicate with insurance organizations to get the best results. Once we've translated the healthcare service into a claim, we follow the claim until your organization receives full reimbursement for the services provided. We guarantee an easy medical billing service every time. Contact us to get the job done.

Our Medical Billing Processes

We complete the medical billing process for health care providers. We specialize in a few areas that are important to note:

  • Mental health billing
  • Physical therapy billing
  • Speech therapy billing

Those specialties aside, we can provide our billing services for almost any health service. That's why we're Charlotte's favorite medical billing service. We're equipped to handle any service you provide—if you need our help, please give us a call.

Billing all Claims Seamlessly

As prominent medical billing service providers, we need to work quickly. We stay organized because we understand how busy our clients are. When working with us, we always encourage the establishment of a long-term relationship between our firm and yours. That way, we can create an ongoing system of billing that helps you get reimbursed and keeps us busy.

Please don't hesitate to reach us to learn more about how our swift billing services will keep your healthcare organization organized.

Competent Medical Coders

Our coders are good at what they do. We can swiftly parse any medical bill and extract billable information into codes. Adequately diagnosing codes and providing all parties with the correct reimbursement is what we do best.

Make use of our expert team for your medical billing needs.

Easy Verification of Insurance Eligibility

Of course, the main concern in medical billing is whether "x" insurance covers "y" service. As insurance experts, we communicate clearly these matters to our clients by assuring the easy verification of insurance and, therefore, the authorization and preauthorization of services provided.

We have made our name on our ability to obtain necessary authorization for our clients. Through communication, excellent customer service, and consistently easy payouts, The EMS Billing & Coding Services Of The Carolinas LLC is the name to know in Charlotte for our medical billing services.

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If you need a better billing service to work with, work with Charlotte's medical billing specialist: The EMS Billing & Coding Services Of The Carolinas LLC. We are ready to fulfill your medical billing needs and make it easy. When you get in touch with us, the representative you speak to will organize an obligation-free consultation to discuss your needs as a service provider.

We look forward to working with you and showing you how easy working with a medical billing company can be.